the firm

The studio BAZZURRO ARQUITECTS open doors in 1975, today with 40 ages of trayector, the firm maintains the practice of architecture based on building a close and keen relationships between the client and the architect.

Having designed and built architecture with modern, colonial, tuscan and even contemporary influences, we believe that the most important task resides on the proper interpretation of the needs and wants of our clients in order to provide the most appropriate and personalized solution.

We consider that we architects do not sell a finished product; rather we work hand-in-hand with the clients in a joined process, in which they fulfill a rather vital role in the production of a personalized architecture. We also understand that the final product must be viable and buildable; therefore we take into consideration the importance of a precise budgeting throughout the design and building process.

“The architect is the synthetic man, who is able to see things together before they are made”.
Antoni Gaudi

Throughout the last 40 years, our firm has made important contributions to the architectural design of the city of Montevideo: the Green Field Tower in Punta Carretas was a pioneer in the construction of luxury towers in our city; our vast experience of working in Jardines de Carrasco, the first neighborhood of its kind which kicked off the constructions of private neighborhoods throughout Montevideo and Canelones; the construction of high-end residences -mainly in the prestigious neighborhood of Carrasco- set the bar and contributed to define the building standards there.-


Rationalizing Costs – The steel framing method

This construction method has been around for several years now, and has recently gained popularity among our clients as the chosen method for the construction of their residences. Its recent popularity is due mainly because of its aid in reducing construction costs per squared meter built, in comparison to traditional building methods.-


Sustainable architecture uses a conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation of the built environment. Throughout the past few years, our firm has incorporated the design of sustainable architecture to our projects, seeking to minimize the negative environmental impact of our buildings through the moderation and efficiency in the use of materials and energy.


The LEED program (or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices, based on the analysis and validation of the US Building Council (USGBC) regarding certain prerequisites that certify each different type of building projects. LEED certification is recognized across the world as the premier mark of achievement un green building. On this matter, our firm is currently holding an in-depth study of the LEED certification requisites in order to certify an Office Building we are designing.


INVESTEMENTS: Viability Studies; Investments Projects; Real Estate Consultancy; Project Management; Quality Controls; Construction; Sustainable Development; Project and Construction Management.-

RESIDENCES: Project Design; Executive Project; Interior Design; Landscape Design; Subcontracts Managements; Budget Management; Construction under cost rationalization methods; Steel Framing Method; Traditional Construction Methods; Home Automation; Smart Home Systems; Sustainable Architecture; Energy Efficiency, by implementing techniques for the generation of renewable energy.-

COLINAS DE CARRASCO: Private Neighborhood -

Bazzurro Architects was in charge of the urban design of this neighborhood, the design of its access building and of the Club House, as well as some of the private residences that were built. Since the inauguration of Colinas de Carrasco, our firm has officiated as the Architecture Board in charge of studying and approving each individual project to be built inside the neighborhood.


Throughout the past couple of years, Bazzurro Architects has developed several projects that align with the program developed by the ANV for low-income housing, which promotes private investments via tax exemption plans. Our team has worked hand-in-hand with real estate agents in order to design projects that respond to the demands of each neighborhood of the city, and achieve the most efficient design to fit each different case.


The increasing demand on behalf of our clients to include the design for smart housing in our projects has challenged us to continuously incorporate new design techniques into our projects. This allows our clients to explore different alternatives to integrate new technologies into their home experience.